Sharing My Love of Animals – Adventures with Chelsea

Sharing My Love of Animals – Adventures with Chelsea

This weekend we went to 2 different parks. Yesterday we went to Floyd Lamb State Park. We had a great time looking at the historical buildings, feeding the peacocks, checking out the beautiful horses, the goats, donkeys, geese and ducks. Living in Las Vegas we still have fun parks, museums and shopping centers to explore. Sometimes it feels like all we have is the Casinos which is not child friendly. Some of the Casinos have their shopping centers but they are always crowded. Parks are fun for little ones to explore and learn.



Today we went over to Sunset Park for picnic, to feed the geese and ducks. This weekend was a lot of fun spending it with our family and getting to explore at the same time. I know Chelsea had a great time seeing all of these beautiful animals. She got to feed them and pet them.


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