Blogger Opp Best Holiday Ever Giveaway Hop

Blogger Opp Best Holiday Ever Giveaway Hop
Support a Sponsor 2014

Halloween is almost over and we are all thinking about the upcoming holidays. As bloggers, we have the chance to work with brands and review products for our followers. This blog hop is an opportunity to showcase one of your 2014 Sponsors and show them how much you appreciate your relationship. 
There are 5 different ways you and your sponsored giveaway prize can join in. With the option to share your Holiday Gift Guide as well. 
Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
There will be lots of sharing and the products will be seen by thousands.

We are now taking signups for the Best Holiday Ever Giveaway Hop!

This hop will run from November 4th until December 9th

All requirements are below. 
Application must be submitted by November 3rd by 8 AM CST

To Apply Fill out this form 


  • All Bloggers must supply a sponsored prize
  • All prizes must have a minimum value of $10
  • All posts must be live on November 4th 12:00 AM CST and end on December 9 11:00 PM CST
  • All prizes must be family friendly (Gifts for Mom, Dad, pets, other family and Friends)
  • Choose your support, and send payment by November 3, via Paypal to “Gift to Friends and Family”

What is expected: 

  • Have your own prize
  • Provided the URL on the form with the Link to your announcement. 

Click here for HTML Code for Announcement

  • Add the URL links you want to share
  • Write your own post on your blog for your giveaway (we ask that you include a link back to your Holiday Gift Guide Landing Page, in your post if you have one)
  • Will include your own giveaway widget  (rafflecopter, Gleam, Giveaway Tool)
  • Insert the HTML code (supplied to me by email before the hop starts) at the end of my post
  • Will help by sharing on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+)
  • Email the image to me (if needed)

Fill the Stocking $30 

Top of Post with a cute little stocking, Blog Name, Picture of Prize, with Link to Blog Giveaway 4 links – (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+)

Dress the Tree $20

After the Stockings with a Holiday Tree. Blog Name Picture of Prize with Link to Blog Giveaway, 2 links – ( Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+)

Wrap a Present $10 

After the Holiday Tree with a Present Box/Bag, Blog Name, Name of Prize, Giveaway link, 1 link – (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+)

Be an Elf: $5 

After the Present Box/Bag with just a Link, Blog Name, Name of Prize, Giveaway link

Reindeer: Free


Free link to your Holiday Gift Guide if you share Announcement

We also want invite you to check out Up All Night Blogging and The Hopping Bloggers for other blog hop details and more. 

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