All Treats, No Tricks Giveaway Hop Ends 10/31 – John Paul Doggie Spa Giftset

All Treats, No Tricks Giveaway Hop Ends 10/31


I will be giving a  John Paul Pet Doggie Spa Giftset (Oatmeal Shampoo, Oatmeal Conditioning Spray and Eyes & Ears Wipes). The Oatmeal Shampoo is for sensitive skin great for cats and dogs. You put the conditioning spray on while your dog or cat is still damp and then comb out their fur to make sure it goes on evenly. The wipes are for wiping their eyes, ears and face. My dog didn’t seem to mind the bath, wiping or combing at all. She really enjoyed it. GIVEAWAY FOR U.S. ONLY.


Welcome to the first annual “All Treats, No Tricks” Giveaway Hop, brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers & Up All Night Blogging! We are a group of bloggers that specialize in giveaway hops – so stay with us and you will have many chances to win some amazing prizes! Each blogger participating in this hop has a giveaway with a prize value of at least $15 – and some are much more than that! Be sure to visit them all – there is no limit to how many prizes you can win! Good Luck and Have Fun!

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17 Responses to All Treats, No Tricks Giveaway Hop Ends 10/31 – John Paul Doggie Spa Giftset

  1. Ashley Feit says:

    I would love this set for my pups! One of my dogs tends to have sensitive skin, so the oatmeal formula would be perfect for him!

  2. Erin Clem says:

    I would love to win both my dogs would look and smell great with this stuff!

  3. Brandi says:

    I love all Paul Mitchell products! I used this for my dog before and really like it.

  4. Reblogged this on mommymakeandmore and commented:
    Lots of giveaways to enter.

  5. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    My furbabies would enjoy a spa like bath treatment;)

  6. Vanessa E says:

    Would love these for my little ones!

  7. Jennifer Boehme says:

    I have been wanting to try this for over a year now. This is great stuff!

  8. wen budro says:

    Those look like some great products for keeping my fur baby looking good and clean.

  9. My doggie would love to try this

  10. Wendy Mastin says:

    I have 2 dogs that run and get very dirty. We love our baths.

  11. Sarah Matos says:

    This would be great for our stinky guy!

  12. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My dog like always stinks, I’d love to try this to help her out, lol.

  13. We have 3 dogs and a cat so I could really use something to keep them clean! I really hope to win this!

  14. kamclauc says:

    These products are awesome!

  15. golden storm says:

    this would be great for my 2 dogs

  16. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    Great for my Mini Pin Weasley

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