Craftin’ With Chelsea – Fun Times! October 6th 2014

Craftin’ With Chelsea 


Chelsea wanted to play with play dough and make a gingerbread girl. I like to buy craft supplies for the clearance racks throughout the year so we have all kinds of craft supplies for every occasion. Chelsea was making different figures with her play dough. This play dough set the lids are like stamp shapes that she can use with the play dough.  Perfect way to keep a growing 2 year old busy for awhile. She really enjoys when we sit down and do art together.  I feel the best stores to find good clearance of craft supplies would be Target or Dollar General. Occasionally I will find some at Michaels or Joann’s its always hit and miss. Also I love checking the local thrift stores and garage sales for supplies. You may find a jackpot of them at one for really cheap.  Let me show you some of what we did today.

10614334_722783124483171_1912991745502911919_n 10409118_722783147816502_3260643922508769408_n 1959811_722783167816500_7034229992143450325_n 10390453_722783227816494_5684508529957861115_n 10369865_722783267816490_607877420522545469_n

Here is her gingerbread girl. Its a foam gingerbread girl with eyes and sequins for the decorations.


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