“I Love Me” – Book Review

I Love Me by Elisha & Elyssa

final book cover

This is one book I wish was around when I was these girls ages Elisha & Elyssa were 9 & 10 years old when they starting writing this book. This book “I love me” is about dealing with bullying and self esteem. I was always bullied and mistreated at a young age. I had a bit of a learning disability when I was younger as well as other issues. I had a hard time when it came to sports and those types of activities. Kids made fun of me for just about everything. This book would of helped me deal with the issues of growing up with the bullies in the world. As you read through each chapter there is worksheets that help you build yourself esteem back up. I think that this book would be great for all preteen and teens. Too many of them end up with depression and don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves.  As I have been reading this book it has hit some heartstrings. It is now available at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon nationwide.


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