Busy Buddy – Biscuit Basket Review

Busy Buddy – Biscuit Basket Review

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I have always been a dog lover. My dogs tend to just swallow their treats whole or eat them way too fast. I have been in the lookout for a toy that has a treat in the middle and makes the treat more worth it. Shouldn’t a dog have to savor it a little bit instead of just swallowing it whole. It makes it more enjoyable that way. By the way I have 4 dogs, Bella is our Boxer, Charlie is a dachshund, Jayla is a terrier/Chihuahua/Grey Hound Mix, and LTeeny is a Chihuahua. I have a dog in every size lol. My dogs had a ball trying out this biscuit out of its basket they were trying every which way to get the treat out.  10603488_710463469048470_3037381906408585209_n10352198_710463482381802_4197986160865615675_n

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