KIDFRESH Frozen Meals – Product Review

KIDFRESH Frozen Meals – Product Review


We would like to thank Mom’s Meet for allowing us the opportunity to try this product. Chelsea is normally the type of toddler that is really picky refuses to eat her veggies. With these meals she was eating everything is every bite. She normally spits it out and says yucky. She was saying “It’s nummy.” after every bite.

These products are available at some Kroger stores. I personally picked these up at Smiths Food and Drug. I had a hard time finding them as I would of thought they would of been in the Organic Frozen section but we found them in the regular frozen. Each store may vary. There was Chicken nuggets, Chicken and Rice, Mac and Cheese and Cheezy Quesdillas. Perfect for little kids…this product will definitely be on my permanent shopping list for my little girl.


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