“Tender Loving Care (TLC)” VOXBOX Review


**Disclosure I received this for testing purposes from Influenster**

Puffs Tissues, Neo on The Go, Ivory Soap, Anew by Avon, Shell Fuel Rewards, and Breyers Gelato Ice Cream.

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Puffs – Travel Size Pack:

I love that I am able to fit this in my purse or my daughters diaper bag. My daughter and I have allergies so it seems we are always needing some tissues to relieve the annoyance of our noses being stuffy or dripping. If its not one things it is another. Puffs has always been one of my go to brands. Their tissues are nice and soft. They do not irritate our noses.


I love that it is compact so it fits in my purse or my daughters diaper bag. It is great that it sprays the medicine on and then you can put your bandaid on if one is needed. I tend to get bug bites and cuts almost constantly. It is great to have this in my purse or in the car just in case I need it. It is great for any first aid kit.

Breyers Gelato Ice Cream – Tiramisu Flavor:

My daughter and I picked up this flavor while we were at Walmart the other day. We saw there was triple chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake. We almost couldn’t decide between Raspberry and the tiramisu. Glad we chose Tiramisu. It tastes delicious. It is so smooth and creamy. We went to the park and enjoyed a little bit of it while watching the ducks swimming in the lake. My daughter loves animals so it was a perfect treat for her. We still have half of the container of ice cream left surprisingly.


Shell – Fuel Rewards Program:

What you do is connect all of your Visa and MasterCards to the rewards cards and watch how your savings grows. You automatically get 3 cents off per gallon. On your second trip to the gas station they will give you 25 cents off as an added bonus for becoming a member. You also can receive points by purchasing items in the convenience store.

Anew by Avon:

I really liked the way that this went on my skin. It matched my skin color for the most part. After a few uses I noticed wrinkles were starting to disappear. I loved that there is a mirror attached so this is great for travel or carrying in my purse.

Ivory Original Pain Free Soap:

First off I love that this soap is great for a lot of craft activities. The fact that people use it to make their own bath crayons, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc. I saw how people were experimenting on how it makes clouds in the microwave. How amazing is that. I haven’t figured out exactly which craft I would like to do with but hoping to try something this weekend.

Disclosure: I was given this product to feature in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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