Our Outnumbered Hunger Party

I would like to thank House Party for allowing me to host this party. We collected canned food and non-perishable food to donate to the food pantry @ HELP of Southern Nevada. We enjoyed each other’s company to celebrate our accomplishment. We were able to fill the box and even had a second box started. Amazing work ladies. Glad all of you attended.

Chelsea and I really enjoyed your company. Our game of 10 penny was everyone’s game…seemed Theresa was having a lot of luck. She won several times. Same with Michelle and Evelyn. Siara won a couple times as well. I kept getting caught with a lot of cards still in my hand same with Mary Ellen it seemed. Every get together we have prizes and goody bags all set up for our friends.  I really enjoy getting these parties setup.




Michelle and Mary Ellen were the winners of the “Mr Lids” our door prize. We were able to give 2 door prizes away because we filled the box for the food drive.




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