Purex Crystals – Dryer Sheets Product Review


First off I would like to thank Purex Insiders for giving me the opportunity to try these dryer sheets. They make my clothes smell amazing. I loved that I can put them in my drawers and it really freshened up my clothes. I put one sheet in my dryer and it lasted a few loads much better than leading brands. Normally when it comes to dryer sheets I think of Bounce…but let me say I will definitely be switching to this one from now on. So much better. I recommend this product to every one.

These are available in 2 different scents: Fresh Spring Water & Lavender Blossom

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What’s different about Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets vs. the old ones?

We have greatly improved our Purex Dryer Sheets, adding three times more fragrance, and great static cling reduction. The smaller box is also at a more affordable price point.

Will Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets leave spots on my clothes?

When used as directed, dryer sheets should not spot your clothing. If spotting does occur, use a laundry bar soap such as Fels-Naptha, or a stain remover like Zout to treat the spots. Then rewash normally.

Help! My dryer sheets are sticking together – what happened?

When dryer sheets are stored on the dryer, in the heat, or near a heat source, they can sometimes stick together. Make sure to store your dryer sheets in a cool, dry place.

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3 Responses to Purex Crystals – Dryer Sheets Product Review

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  2. Nickida says:

    You are so right I usually think of Bounce but this one was so amazing. It’ll be my choice from now one.

    • chelseamommy says:

      Same here always been a bounce person just because my parents always bought it. Didn’t really noticed there was any other brand until I started shopping for myself. Now I mainly do the shopping for my household my hubby, daughter and I. So I really enjoy being about to try new products to learn about them and be able to find my own likes and dislikes.

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