Camping Memories – Wilderness Lakes

Spring Break “Chelsea’s First Camping Trip”

Day 1 Saturday April 19th 2014
Started the morning off with getting ready to load up into Caralynn’s car and head to Stateline. Chelsea was snacking the whole way to Primm. We stopped off in Victorville for lunch at Del Taco. I had a burrito, Chelsea had a quesadilla, and Dad had fish tacos. We watched a beautiful tank of fish while we were eating. One of the fish looked like Dory from Finding Nemo just miniature. When we got to the campsite at Wilderness Lakes we settled down took a short break and then headed over to the pool. Chelsea really enjoyed going for a swim. Before dinner we enjoyed coloring eggs and decorating them. I was unsure if Chelsea would know what to do but she just dropped the eggs right in the color. We had dinner over at Linda, Kristabella and Andres’s campsite yummy ribs and carne asada. Side note really need to ask Claudia for her guacamole recipe it tasted just like Chipotle.



Day 2 Sunday April 20th 2014
Easter!! At the Easter egg hunt Chelsea found 8 eggs. Denise, Linda and I ended up with a lot of bites from whatever was in that grass….blah. Felt like a sprained my ankle with where they were placed. We went on the train ride after that Chelsea loved it. Linda and Claudia set up another Easter egg hunt and Chelsea found 7 more eggs. We took the dogs for a walk and saw a goose with 25 eggs. The dad goose hissed at us. He is very protective of his family. We had an Easter brunch over at Linda and Andre’s campsite the food was delicious. We had ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and mandarin salad.

Linda, Andres and Dad went fishing while I sat outside and watched. The water and across the way looked like a scene from the ride Pirates of the Caribbean. This one camper was all lit up like the cabin on the ride right before you are about to go down into the second part of the ride. Let me just tell you if I could go on that ride non-stop for a few hours I would I love it that much. We ended the day by watching Planes together. Chelsea and I fell asleep almost right away.




Day 3 Monday April 21st 2014
We enjoyed ham and egg burritos for breakfast with Kristabella, Linda and everyone else. Denise, Kristabella, Chelsea and I enjoyed sticker art and working on their journal. Linda and Kristabella told us about stumpy he had fishing wire on his leg. Dad tried to catch him to take the fishing line off but he was on the side where we were not able to go. Dad and I went over to winco all of the easter candy was 25 cents a pound what a deal. We got Chelsea some allergy medicine since it seemed her allergies were acting up. We gave her the medicine right before we went for a long walk with dogs on a hunt for ducklings. We went a little late so it ended up being really dark by the time we got to where the ducks were. LTeeny didn’t like the darkness she was scared so I used my phone as a flashlight so she could follow the light. Chelsea’s medicine made her really hyper and a chatterbox. Loved hearing her chat up a storm. We played 10 penny after our walk. Dad won of course.



Day 4 Tuesday April 22nd 2014
Chelsea woke up early in the morning she had soaked herself. I cleaned her up and then she cuddled in bed with me under the covers. We took the dogs for a morning walk it was really foggy outside. Chelsea enjoyed the fact that LTeeny walks slow enough that she is able to hold her leash. Denise didn’t sleep that well so Chelsea and her took a nap after breakfast. Dad and I played cards a few times. We played ten penny and Dad won every time. We wanted to try 15 penny lol which makes you attempt to get 2 sets of 6. Oh my was that hard. You should of seen how many cards I had in my hand. Dad took the laundry to the laundry mat. Chelsea, Denise and I took the stroller over there and brought some duck food a long so that we could go find the baby ducklings since it was too dark the night before. We saw the mama duck and 8 ducklings following her. There was this other section of water where we saw a geese and 6 goslings. They were so adorable. After feeding the goslings we went and fed the mama and 8 ducklings. We walked further down the trail and found a mama with 12 ducklings. We fed them as well. On our way back to the trailer we saw a duck that looked like a Dalmatian. He was laying under the picnic table. His friends came right up to me. I named one of them Aflac. He was white and the biggest of the group. He has blue eyes.

ImageImage Above: The family of geese with 6 goslings.
Above: The mama with 12 ducklings.

ImageAbove: “Doing the duckie butt dance….1.2.3….lets look in the water….1.2.3…”

ImageAbove: Aflac…I love his bright blue eyes.

Day 5 Wednesday April 23rd 2014
We got up in the morning and took the doggies for a nice walk. We enjoyed ourselves by feeding the geese and ducks. Chelsea and papa went for a stroll to feed the ducklings while Denise and I stayed behind to paint. I painted strawberries in a bowl. Denise painted some flowers hers look like they are professionally done. Great work. After Chelsea’s nap we went to go play miniature golf. Chelsea had a blast hitting the balls and putting them in the holes. She especially loved running up and down the hill at the last hole. We went to feed the baby ducklings after that. We couldn’t find the goslings. We played cards after that.


Day 6 Thursday April 24th 2014
We went to Yucaipa to see the apple orchards and animals they had there. I really wanted to see how different it looked since the last time I had been there. We saw several dairies on the way there including the Land O Lakes dairy. Pretty neat. I liked seeing the botanical garden at the first stop Riley’s Farm. So many sights to see. At the second stop Oak Tree Village we went up a hill and saw a cat, dog, roosters, doves, chickens, and peacocks. One of the peacocks flew right over Denise and Chelsea’s head lol. Chelsea and I enjoyed a veggie burger. Denise and Dad had a regular burger. Yummy lunch. Perfect choice Chelsea actually ate it pretty good.


Above: At the botanical gardens beautiful California poppies.






Day 7 Friday April 25th 2014
Time just seems to be flying by way too fast. John B. came for a visit in the morning. Denise, Chelsea and I went for a walk. We stopped to feed Aflac and his buddies. Then we went to check out the country store. Next stop was the playground. Chelsea really enjoyed the boat in the baby play area. She especially loved going on the slide. Caralynn arrived around the time when we were heading back to the trailer for a bite to eat. We ate lunch then Chelsea and Denise wanted to take a nap so we went to go play shuffleboard. I really enjoyed it but Caralynn got bored quickly. She wanted to play cards in the trailer. We played a game of cards and then John came back because he forgot his glasses. He brought his granddaughter along. We played more card games later on.



Above: Feeding Aflac and his friends…I just adore these ducks.


Above: From observation the white geese is partially blind…I noticed that her eyes are foggy possibly has cataracts. This other goose is always with her I think she is her companion and guide. I kept saying the white goose is just a grump. Now I know why she is old and can’t see.


Above: Playing Shuffleboard took me a while to get a hang of it. I had to hit it from the second section since I couldn’t make it reach the right area. I ended up winning. Caralynn wasn’t very impressed with the game.


Above: We went on a few walks every day…I am surprised my legs didn’t get sore. I loved seeing all of the animals feeding them and petting them. I am not used to as much activity as we did. My arms got sore though from the shuffleboard.

Day 8 Saturday April 26th 2014
We ate breakfast outside while watching the ducks and geese. I saw a fish jump out of the water and make a splash. I let dad know that there was one and he should get his fishing pole out. Our site seemed to be the best spot for the blue herrings to land. At one point we had 13 of them. Chelsea and I made a game of throwing bread and seeing who would grab it. All of them were fighting for the food like they were starving. Caralynn and Dad were getting the fishing poles ready and as dad was throwing the line in a blue herring flew over it and got caught with the hook. Dad had to reel the herring in to get him untied from the line and hook. I got to pet the herring. He was really friendly. Dad and Denise got to hold him. We played cards while Chelsea took a nap. After getting ready to go to candy bar bingo we saw that dad had a fish on the line. He was big we really thought he was at least 5lbs. I actually pet him as well lol. Caralynn said they named him henry. I won 4 times on Candy bar bingo. It was a lot of fun Chelsea slept through most of it. Caralynn won 3 times, Denise won 2 times and Dad won 2 times. It was a lot of fun. Later that afternoon I wanted to finish my painting while Chelsea was taking her nap she colored for some of the time while I was painting.









Day 9 Sunday April 27th 2014
Hard to believe it’s time to head home. First we took the dogs out for one last walk before starting to pack up our stuff. Caralynn and Dad took “Henry” to get weighed they said he was only 3.8 lbs. We got all of our things together and packed into Caralynn’s car we left around 1pm.  Chelsea got a little car sick on the way home twice.  She did sleep for a couple hours as well as played with her toys. I got home to a disaster area seemed a tornado had went though it but on the plus side Omar was in the process of fixing our water heater. Part of that disaster was all of my freebie mail that I needed to go through. Glad to come back to home and to actually have hot water.



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