Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh. http://insiders.purex.com/FabulouslyFreshWardrobe?id=411

I love it! The fresh scent reminds me that spring is here. It makes doing laundry better, some how.


Purex Crystals are added to your wash at the start of your wash, and the crystals infuse a wonderful scent in your laundry that lasts for weeks, not days like some laundry additives.

Unlike other laundry additives, Purex Crystals don’t reduce the absorbency of towels, and they don’t  leave behind residue or build up (My two pet peeves of laundry additives).

The Natural formula is safe for your family and the environment.


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